Welcome to the new website for Macee "Mare" Knecht (formerly Macee McCunn) of Meadowbrook Arts! You are going to see a lot of changes over the next weeks (including new jewelry)! On mobile devices, swipe left or right on catalog images to see more!


In Short 
Meadowbrook Arts studio was created by myself as Macee Knecht (formerly Mary or Macee McCunn) in 1999.  Since the beginning, it has seen many transformations.  It began with selling to my friends and relatives and gained momentum as I decided it was time to bring my work to the public.  This, for an artist and creative open person, was a scary process.  What if people didn’t like what was coming from the heart.  Needless to say, a journey and exploration occurred as I stepped into it.  I took all my past experiences I had in business and added it to a lot of volunteer work and further education and created what is now a successful business today.  I went from a small shed-like studio to building two additional small buildings and adding my WV location as another place to work and seek ideas.   My name “Macee” was also adopted from a knick-name since my mother-in-law and I carried identical names and it has caused confusion.    As time has gone by, I expanded into wholesaling and continue to build my business and feature a complete line of alluring handcrafted designer jewelry, and sometimes, personalized keepsake treasures.   To learn a bit more, dive deeper and check out The Jewelry & Process and Macee’s Story for a more indepth view of Meadowbrook Arts and what is available to you.
P.S. Thanks to you, my loyal customer, for loving and treasuring my work and making my process less scary!


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