Welcome to the new website for Macee "Mare" Knecht (formerly Macee McCunn) of Meadowbrook Arts! You are going to see a lot of changes over the next weeks (including new jewelry)! On mobile devices, swipe left or right on catalog images to see more!

The Jewelry & Process

The works that are available are antiqued organic and sometimes industrial jewelry designed with precious and non-precious metals (primarily silver, brass, copper and occasionally steel) as Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets & Bangles, Rings & Brass Bookmarks.

Jewelry works are created by hand forging in copper, brass, sterling silver, and sometimes gold, steel and other various found items. Most raw materials comes from quality suppliers, but I also enjoy using some found metals that have already been subject to nature or human nature, reworking them, while adding and highlighting texture. Most works have some form of hand forging, to include artistic yet functional works that utilized blacksmithing and metalsmithing techniques.

Most jewelry has a forced antiqued appearance through oxidation involving chemicals or heat patinas. Parts of my process can include soldering, brazing, and cold connections. Parts can sometimes be cut, pierced, drilled, chiseled, chased, raised, polished, sanded, twisted or woven and all are hand fabricated by myself. Occasionally you will see an added element that is not metal and are sometimes found objects.

All work is performed in my studio located in the mountains of western Maryland or at our cabin retreat in West Virginia. I frequently do studies of nature, amongst other inspirations, to produce conceptual designs, which becomes the inspiration for my product line.

I don’t use cheap elements that create allergies (earwires are always sterling silver or better in quality) and am very careful to test drive new designs for comfort. Quality is important so I don’t skimp in my materials or product development. Therefore, my craftsmanship is 100% guaranteed.

The only use of non-hand made materials is an occasional bead and/or earwire component to ensure that the quality of the materials does not drop below sterling silver to prevent allergies. In such cases, I only use trusted suppliers as to not compromise the quality of my product. I make my own neckwires, but occasionally a customer wants a substitute of a sterling silver chain. Otherwise, all materials are in raw form and are fabricated in my studio. Only an average of 5% of the materials are purchased in premade form and typically have nothing to do with the creative design of the product.

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