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Wine Blossom ©


Blossom Metal

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Wine Blossom ©
A fun and stylish way to identify your glasses.  Add a cute touch to any stemware.  Layer for an even cooler look!  There are lots of different styles of wine tags available in the market, but Macee created this new innovative design and they are unique!  This copyrighted © design is available only through Meadowbrook Arts.  Purchase your favorite single Blossom in either brass, copper or sterling silver.  You can also  select either a brass with a touch of copper wrapped or copper with a touch of brass wrapped.  Select your choice below.   If you want a set, there is an option to save and select a 3 Pack Set  (sterling silver, copper and brass).   They make a great stocking stuffer or gift idea and your friends and family will love them!

Gently push your stemware into the opening of the Blossom. This should take very little effort. Do not repeatedly open and close the Blossom - it will weaken the flower. You can leave them on your stemware in the dishwasher or during hand washing!
Each is handmade - styles of Blossom will vary slightly from what is pictured.

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