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Jewelry tins are in...

Posted on September 17 2012

Jewelry Tins are In! I put together the cutest little tins of jewelry for the holiday shoppers and just delivered them to the Manhattan Golf & Gallery in Cumberland, Maryland. The sets include a necklace and coordinating earrings and are creatively displayed and hand wrapped in the most adorable tins. It is such a fabulous gift or stocking stuffer. You can even slide a hook through the round tin bow and hang it on your tree for her to find! Limited quantities are available so drop in and grab one soon.
That being said, did you ever wonder what goes into the packaging process of a professional but independent artist? It can be a task sometimes for sure. For instance, not only do I make the product, but then I have to come up with some creative ideas for display, especially for the stores I sell in.
I found myself sitting on the floor half asleep a couple nights ago as I prepared these particular jewelry tins. After ordering the tins, I had to design the inserts without a team of company helpers like the big boys. You simply can’t find companies that already pre-make the inserts – believe me, I checked thoroughly. 
Things I had to consider as I tried to make this adorable, yet functional:
• find the right tools: cutting boards, scissors, circle cutters
• gather other tools: glue, wire, hole punch, foam, etc.
• make sure the inserts were the perfect fit, cut & cut again
• don’t let jewelry chains get tangled
• raise it up to give it dimention and make room for earwires & chains
• coordinate it color wise to current displays
• does the color work and flatter the jewelry
• as it is handled, will it fall apart
• how can you see it better if you want a closer look and make it easier access
• identify the price, contents & inventory numbers so you know what you are buying
• make it attractive so you feel good about giving it as a gift and your gift will be loved when received
• cut, glue & stick each insert in each tin
• design, print, trim and prep the bows and tags
• get another set of hands to help tie the bows (husbands and daughters are great for free labor!)
• assemble assemble assemble
• wait, what time is it???? it’s that late?!!!
Now how do I display them in the store? Being a bit of a collector of stuff (aka mini horder) I found some metal brackets.
Then take some pictures. And wha la, cute as cute can be and ready for sale!

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