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NAME CHANGE!!! And stuff...

Posted on October 27 2020

Yes, you definitely heard it.  My name has gone from Macee McCunn to Macee Knecht but you are going to see Macee Mare everywhere for my business, cause well, it's just easier for you all to remember !!   I'm using my favorite childhood nickname "Mare" since I just know you won't be able to remember, spell or pronounce my maiden name, Knecht! (It's pronounced NIGHT, wink!).

As life takes us on new journeys, we must adapt.  Though I tend to not get too personal, my world changed over the last few years due to a divorce, it's a little bit of why you didn't really see my on-line presence too active and why I even sort of took a little mini hiatus from my jewelry and sculpture world.  Creativity isn't quite the same when you have different pressures or even, to be honest, stress.  I know you all can relate in many different ways.  I diverted some of my energy to the fitness world where I teach Zumba and Zumba Toning group classes because I needed a different type of outlet for the different energy!  But I'm jumping back into what I truly love and that's creating very cool and fun and funky pieces that you always know me by and have purchase over a very long art journey!  I even have a new Itty Bitty style necklace that can be hand stamped with your favorite fitness word for your fun fitness moments!

Thanks for hanging around and coming back to me after my little time away and for always being so supportive of what I do.  You are my best customers and lots of you are my fabulous customers who have also become my fabulous friends, or even at times the other way around!  And if you are interested in a little fitness to go with your jewelry, join me on Facebook at Macee's Zumba Fitness Group!  You can learn all about my classes, see the class times and jump right in to some great fun exercise!  

At the moment, I am only teaching VIRTUAL classes due to our Covid pandemic situation, but trust me it's a blast anyhow!  I'll make you sweat! 


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